Are you ready for the Fiix primetime spotlight 🤩

  • 12 April 2023
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Are you ready for the Fiix primetime spotlight 🤩
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My colleague @Marc Cousineau is looking for some volunteers to share their CMMS experiences and insights for an upcoming campaign to help other maintenance teams who are researching Fiix.

I know how many experts we have in our community so I am hoping we can get some takers to help him out. 

It’s pretty simple, he’ll ask you 2-3 questions and will record the session which should take about 15 minutes...unless you have A LOT of stories you want to share with him, then he’ll keep the camera rolling to capture it all 🎬 🎥 💥

Respond to this thread by May 15👇 and he’ll reach out to you directly to book something based on your availability...and thank you so much for agreeing to help your peers begin to understand what is possible with Fiix 💙.

2 replies

I’ve installed several CMS platforms in my career with Ups and Downs, successes and failures,…

If anything i’ve learned can help others, I’m more than happy to offer up what I can. 

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@david.nottingham.PCXAero Hey David! It’s great to connect with you. I’ll DM you to chat a bit more about the project. Thanks for raising your hand!


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