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[Closed] Celebrate The Fiixers’ 3rd birthday and win a prize! 🎉

  • 15 January 2024
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[Closed] Celebrate The Fiixers’ 3rd birthday and win a prize! 🎉
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Update: Congratulations to our five winners! We wish you the very best in crushing those 2024 Fiix goals!

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  • Thelime
  • cplette
  • Nate.pettyneal
  • RasmusB

Can you believe it's been three incredible years since we kicked off this maintenance adventure together?

Here’s what we’ve achieved as a community since 2020: 


  • Together we’ve grown to 1890 members in 91 countries  

  • Since inception, you’ve asked 408 maintenance questions in Help Others 

  • Last year, we had 121 questions asked by members with 269 replies 


Thank you to all our members for journeying with us over the past three years and making The Fiixers the welcoming and collaborative hub it is today.  

To celebrate this milestone, let’s shift our focus from the past to the future. We want to hear about the challenges you’re excited to tackle in 2024 with Fiix by your side. Every response will be automatically entered to win some great birthday swag.


Tell us about a problem you're eager to solve, a project you're enthusiastic about implementing, or maintenance hurdles you're looking to overcome this year.  


How to enter: 

Just drop a comment with the goals and maintenance projects you're eager to accomplish with Fiix in 2024. Whether it's a new initiative, a process improvement, or a significant challenge you're ready to face head-on, let us know your plans for the year ahead. Pictures and videos—even better! 

The 5 best entries will snag some awesome gear to accompany you on your maintenance adventures.  


The contest runs until February 16, 2024. 


We can't wait to hear about the exciting challenges you're gearing up for! Here's to another year of pushing boundaries and achieving new milestones with Fiix!

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Game changer in the maintenance industry.

I was instantly impressed by all the features, every single detail is covered. This goes hand in hand in the maintenance industry.

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JSM Airport Services - 2024 Fiix Goals 🎉

  1. Improving our Scheduled Maintenance Process - JSM’s biggest challenge is the constant change in asset counts every month. Whenever we add or retire assets, it upsets the balance of our preventative maintenance schedule for the month. Our goal is to find a way to balance our preventative maintenance by utilizing the estimated times via the OEM manuals and API. 
  2. Improving our user experience for our CMMS admins - Many times we find work orders missing information due to human error. Our goal is to set up required fields, so that the CMMS admin is forced to enter a value or text before continuing to close the work order out.
  3. Utilizing the Warranties tab - In the past JSM could not use the warranties tab because of the mass amount of assets we have per site that are under warranty and Fiix not having a notification feature that notifies the admin that the asset is under warranty when creating a work order. However, Fiix now allows you to create a notification group that sends a email to the admin to let them know the asset charged out is under warranty. We are eager to test it out to see if we could move forward with implementing this at all of our sites.
  4. NEW User Group Management - JSM is wanting to learn more about how to create groups while providing them all with different levels of access to Fiix. With the new user management feature, it seems like it will be more user friendly and easier to manage.

 Looking forward to 2024 with Fiix 😊

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My Goals include streamlining communication with the reporting features and honing my use of purchasing to better communicate our needs with head office. It’s been a little over a year since our system was rolled out and I am hoping to find a good groove with it in 2024!

Our first goal is to get 50 hour counters from a production software integrated in Fiix. Then we can set up some good triggers for service.

Second goal is to make an integration with our new bookkeeping system and have access to all spare parts. We have worked without spare parts for now so we will have an interesting learning curve ahead for all involved in Fiix.


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Plannja AB in Swedens Goals for 2024 😀


We are on a big journey to be a lot better with maintenance and purchase, down here is a short list of some of the goals and plans we have this year 


  • One goals this year is to have at least 30% preventive maintenance. Today we are at 8-12% and is struggling to have time for all repairs. we are always running around and “Putting out fires”. But now with FIIX have we started with a lot of scheduled maintenance and have the ability to plan the workers easier


  • Another goal is to get all spare parts in the warehouse in to FIIX and have the ability to search for spare parts, today are we always trying to find parts we don't know if we have by looking around the company


  • And we are also working on an integration between FIIX and the system we have for purchase, wen this is done will it be a lot better for us to be able to have the purchase in the same system as the warehouse to be able to easy order new parts.



This is just some of the goals we have for this year, but we believe that with FIIX we will get a lot more effective and reduce downtime and cost for repairs so we are looking forward for this year with FIIX


Excited to dive into 2024 with Fiix! Our primary goal is to bid farewell to the run-to-fail maintenance approach and usher in a proactive era. We're gearing up to train more employees, fostering a culture where everyone shares the maintenance load. This initiative not only boosts our team's skills but also ensures that potential problems are identified early and addressed, preventing them from snowballing into major issues. Additionally, we're keen on reorganizing our maintenance tasks to achieve a more streamlined workflow. This involves leveraging Fiix to optimize task scheduling, enhance efficiency, and contribute to an overall smoother operation. Here's to a year of proactive maintenance, skill development, and improved workflow! 🛠️ #MaintenanceExcellence #FiixIn2024


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2024 goals with Fiix of Avenue JSC: Spread and expand the Fiix user community in Vietnam.
Our company is the Fiix implementation partner in Vietnam.
Personally, I really love and am impressed by the capabilities and benefits of Fiix.

The goals and desires of me and my company with Fiix are:
1. Continue using Fiix to manage your company's assets. Make our company a successful case and introduce it to everyone around.
2. Introduce Fiix to the right companies in Vietnam, giving maintenance teams a new tool, a new breeze and a new breakthrough in the digital transformation process of companies.
On a personal level, I look forward to supporting the community and answering the questions of all users around the world.

#Fiix #FiixForTheWin #AvenueJSC #Vietnam

Avenue JSC - ROKLive 2023


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My goal is to get all of the parts inventory associated with BOMs to the assets they belong to. 

We are getting our Fiix CMMS going this year to replace the very labour intensive attempts of tracking assets and parts with various spread sheets.  
We are looking forward to a very exciting 2024 with factory expansions AND our new CMMS to be able to support the people who are making it happen.

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Our Fiix goals for 2024:

  1. We have about 90% of our spare parts into Fiix but are having difficulties with the final 10%.  Our first goal is to complete this task.
  2. Next, we will beef up our spare parts inventory control by identifying our top 100’ish parts from a consumption and criticality standpoint and begin properly classifying these parts for cycle counting.  With all the remaining parts, we focus on inventory reduction.
  3. As we continue collecting data on work orders and parts consumption, we begin using this data for the greater good by becoming reporting and analytics ninjas.
  4. The final goal is to attend the Fiix Forward Conference in 2024.

Good luck, everyone.   

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Thank you everyone for sharing your incredible goals for 2024! We thrilled to see our community members refuse complacence and strive for ever-better maintenance!

The contest is now closed.

We will be in touch with contest winners shortly through DMs, so keep an eye on your inbox.


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