[Contest closed] WIN and raise a (pint) glass to celebrate The Fiixers turning 1 🍻

  • 10 January 2022
  • 34 replies
[Contest closed] WIN and raise a (pint) glass to celebrate The Fiixers turning 1 🍻

We officially opened our community doors in January 2021 and to celebrate our 1-year anniversary we are sending a pair of Fiix pint glasses to the first 25 members who share their favorite moments of being part of The Fiixers! 



During our first year, we’ve truly enjoyed connecting with many of you as we collectively built a space where we can collaborate, share and learn from each other.


Here are a few of our favorite things:


  • 👋 Seeing new members join each week and learning about each of you through your profiles and posts in our welcome thread.

  • ⭐️ Watching you share your Fiix knowledge with each other! You’ve posted over 200 questions in our Q&A forum and are answering each other’s questions over 90% of the time…a stat that puts The Fiixers in world-class community status!

  • 📸 Spotlighting 8 members in our webinar series. A heartfelt thank you to @jmorgan1 @Chowe @JOY @JasonStokes @Tdufton @ryanr @JayHampton @daaroe for sharing your Fiix experiences (…and we are pumped to learn more about what you have planned in 2022 😉)

  • 🗣 Getting to know more members at our 4 exclusive workshops/roundtable discussions that covered a wide range of topics including M&R strategy, inclusive leadership, sustainability, and SaaS product development. 

  • 🛠 Collecting tons of feedback and ideas through 11 product posts and seeing how our member inputs have helped the User Experience team continue to improve our product.


Now it’s your turn! 

We’ll send a pair of Fiix pint glasses to the first 25 people who respond below 👇 

Tell us about one or all of the following, or feel free to share anything else that's been beneficial since becoming a member:

  • Your favorite part of being a member of The Fiixers community?

  • Something you learned, or the most helpful post?

  • Something that helped make a difference for you?



We look forward to hearing what makes your experience worth celebrating 🎉 

34 replies

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Boy, time flies when you're having fun!

-My favorite part of being within this community is having the opportunity to help other Fiixers and see them succeed, and being able to explore issues/solutions that I may not have known anything about prior to looking into them.  Its really opened my eyes on a lot of different avenues within the platform.  That and of course my appearance within the webinar series, thank you for your consideration Fiix Team :slight_smile:

-One thing that I have learned a lot in my travels is about the reporting functions within Fiix and how everything communicates on the backside.  This has really helped us with some of our own reporting features and using/making custom reports.

-One thing that has really helped make a difference for us is the tracking of information within historical work order in Fiix, and the user friendly ability for all users to look back within that to find answers.  That and the API integrations we have done now to monitor our equipment, a game changer for sure.

We just joined...thank you all for your help in getting us up and running!

My favorite moment(s) are the interaction(s) with other Fiixers as we share problems, ideas, and solutions. It is also good to know that Fiix technicians are also reading posts and providing input. Fiixers is a great resource. :thumbsup:

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New to the Fiix community but my favorite part has been reading through and gaining knowledge from everyone. After all, you don’t live long enough to make all the mistakes yourself so learning from others is the best!

I enjoy being able to go to one place and find new and useful information.

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My favourite part of being a member of the Fiixers, is the Wish list ideas section.  It is a way to voice how I think the system could be improved, and also see the ideas that others have.

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My favorite part of being a member of the Fiix community:  I love the ability to talk with others and get their help.  It’s literally like a collage of industries that are working together to help each other.  

I have learned so much this year and looked at so many posts, too many to name one specific one.  It’s just a wealth of knowledge and ideas.  

The conference this year was awesome, it really helps me get excited every year to go through our system and update items.  Makes me actually see changes that I can implement to make my technicians jobs easier.  I cannot wait till we get to actually meet in person.  

I look forward to 2022 changes and helpful ideas.  

I am still new to Fiix. My favorite part is being able to learn and gain information from other Fiix setups   


From Prescott AZ

My favorite experience of all of this is how important ive became to my job!

 I've met a really big family working with Fiix.


Johnathan Flores

We’ve just went live with Fiix on the 1st and favorite part is how user friendly the system is.  We’re looking forward in expanding the usage of Fiix as we move forward in 2022.  Kudos to the support team!  

Well they have been great at my company it has help use out  a lot. 

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We went live with Fiix in the fall of 2020.  My biggest thing is through the FIxers community and the regular updates/upgrades, Fiix is continuously trying to improve.

We all have used systems that were “canned” and never evolved.



Still figuring out, but this far, the best part is to know that there are many more of us into the Fiix mentality, trying to get things done non stop.

Thankful that we have a program that actually works to our benifit. Thank you Fiix.

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There are too many favorite moments to mention.  It is just great being part of the community and constantly learning something new.  FiiX keep evolving and I keep learning.  It’s a win win!!

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The Fiixers is ONE of my favorite parts of Fiix Software! A great way to get advice and troubleshooting tips from a community of fellow Fiixers. Highly recommend!!!! :grin:

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Happy to be a part of this community! I just joined so I am taking it all in at this point.

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I really enjoyed the sustainability in Maintenance webinar. Definitely used ideas from that session in my org!

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I love being part of this community! It’s so motivating to see what fellow Fiixers are doing with their systems. I’ve found new ways to improve our use of Fiix as well!

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FIIX has been a game changer for sure!

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I enjoy using FIIX! It has put us at a new level.

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Gotta say, the welcome has been fantastic. That, and the responses to my questions are always super helpful! I’ve been on forums like this before, but the Fiixers are a cut above when it comes to being kind and helpful!

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I’m still new to the community but so far I love learning together, getting opinions, and reading posts about how others manage their team and things like that! It feels we’re connected and as someone who’s new to using a platform like this, it’s all been really helpful!

The webinar and the trivia was a blast. Tons of info and fun!


Working with others in my organization that are using Fiix.  Seeing what others around the world have to say about their experience with Fiix.


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