[Contest closed] WIN and raise a (pint) glass to celebrate The Fiixers turning 1 🍻

  • 10 January 2022
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[Contest closed] WIN and raise a (pint) glass to celebrate The Fiixers turning 1 🍻

We officially opened our community doors in January 2021 and to celebrate our 1-year anniversary we are sending a pair of Fiix pint glasses to the first 25 members who share their favorite moments of being part of The Fiixers! 



During our first year, we’ve truly enjoyed connecting with many of you as we collectively built a space where we can collaborate, share and learn from each other.


Here are a few of our favorite things:


  • 👋 Seeing new members join each week and learning about each of you through your profiles and posts in our welcome thread.

  • ⭐️ Watching you share your Fiix knowledge with each other! You’ve posted over 200 questions in our Q&A forum and are answering each other’s questions over 90% of the time…a stat that puts The Fiixers in world-class community status!

  • 📸 Spotlighting 8 members in our webinar series. A heartfelt thank you to @jmorgan1 @Chowe @JOY @JasonStokes @Tdufton @ryanr @JayHampton @daaroe for sharing your Fiix experiences (…and we are pumped to learn more about what you have planned in 2022 😉)

  • 🗣 Getting to know more members at our 4 exclusive workshops/roundtable discussions that covered a wide range of topics including M&R strategy, inclusive leadership, sustainability, and SaaS product development. 

  • 🛠 Collecting tons of feedback and ideas through 11 product posts and seeing how our member inputs have helped the User Experience team continue to improve our product.


Now it’s your turn! 

We’ll send a pair of Fiix pint glasses to the first 25 people who respond below 👇 

Tell us about one or all of the following, or feel free to share anything else that's been beneficial since becoming a member:

  • Your favorite part of being a member of The Fiixers community?

  • Something you learned, or the most helpful post?

  • Something that helped make a difference for you?



We look forward to hearing what makes your experience worth celebrating 🎉 

34 replies

My favorite part was the last webinar was very informative and the trivia  part was very fun.!!

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A year already, and with such an incredible amount of growth. Congratulations to @Christa Brown, @Justine Rae and the Fiix Team that have made this all possible.  

One of the best parts of being a member of the Fiix community is the fact it is a Community. This is a great place to bounce ideas off one another and solve issues. Thank you @shawn.sintzel for all of your support when us, the Fiixers are struggling to find the solution.

Thank you again to everyone that makes this Community happen. 

This community helps me help others and it gives me a way to enhance my understanding so that I can experience continuous improvements in helping others. Thank you to those who are so willing to share their time with those in need.

My favorite part is gaining knowledge from everyone, the responses to my questions are always super helpful,everybody experiences with fiix!!! thank you

Seeing the questions others ask gives me ideas of better ways to use the system.  Everyone is helpful and answers are quick!!  thanks!


Opportunity to network with others and attend webinars!

I wonderful place to trouble shoot and get tips!

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My Organization just started with FIIX at a paid tier, and this community was instrumental in the decision making process for us.  If the FIIXers were not here we may have gone with another product.  Thank You to FIIX for being so forward thinking, and thank you to the community for being so welcoming, and so knowledgeable.

Wow! 🤗 

The outpouring of responses have been incredible to read!!! We’re so thrilled to see so many of you getting real value from your time in the community! A common theme has been the energy for learning and collaborating that you all bring to this space 🙌


My teammate, @Emma Muldoon, has reached out to all our winners directly and we’ll get the Fiix pint glasses in the post shortly (…so we can all raise a glass to toast building a community worth celebrating 🍻)


To other members who haven’t had a chance to post yet, you can continue to add your favorite parts of the community below 👇


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