Fiix CMMS Certification now available 🎓📓

  • 26 May 2022
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Fiix CMMS Certification now available 🎓📓
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Hi Fiixers 👋, 

I’m Gail, Senior Manager of Training and Education here at Fiix.  I am also the go-to person for change management and our new Fiix CMMS Certification program. 

The Fiix Learning Center has been updated with new content so that you and your team can now become Fiix CMMS certified users. There is a custom learning path for administrators, technicians and managers to train all types of users on how to get the most out of Fiix.       

The length for each learning path varies and there is an estimated time provided for each course. Once you and your team complete all the courses and knowledge check quizzes successfully, you will automatically receive your Fiix CMMS Certification along with badges for each completed course🎖️.

And, did I mention there is no cost of becoming Fiix certified 🙌.

Plus, this is a great training resource for onboarding new team members as well as a refresh for all users. 

It’s easy to get started: 

  1. Create a Fiix Learning Center account OR login to your existing account 

  1. Browse the course catalog and enroll in individual courses or the Certification Learning Path that make the most sense for your role 

If you have any questions or feedback for me please post in the thread below👇.


2 replies

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Hi Gail,

Is it possible to have this content display on our own LMS? This would avoid having a secondary external log-in and set of credentials for the learner to manage?

We use Moodle Workplace. Within MW, I have the option to add an external activity/resource to a given “topic” within a  course. I have not researched how to do this and have not tried to add any external tools but it looks like I need the content’s “Secure Tool URL”, It’s “Launch Container”, It’s “Consumer Key” and it’s “Shared Secret”

Would it be possible for us to include Fiix’s training content on our LMS as a shared tool in this way or to just upolad a SCORM package. I think it would better to use an external tool since that would allow any activity to be seen on your end as well. 




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Hi Robbie,

Thank-you for your question!  If you reach out to your Customer Service Manager we can work together to find an option that will help you to enable your users to easily access the training content.  I will give him a heads up about your inquiry and let him know to expect to hear from you.




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