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🏁 Fiix Forward 2021 🏁 ON-DEMAND

  • 30 September 2021
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🏁 Fiix Forward 2021 🏁 ON-DEMAND

The checkered flag has waved and all the champagne has dried up from this year’s conference. 

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the live sessions to ensure Fiix Forward 2021 was a podium finish! Please take a few minutes to share your conference feedback (good, bad, and indifferent) to help us improve our performance for future events.


You can now access all 16 hours of virtual learning, across 20 educational sessions with 25 expert speakers, by simply visiting this page → 


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I'm excited to announce the winners of our $250 USD Home Depot draw for our top attendance tier at Fiix Forward 2021. Thank you so much for your participation at our user conference and we hope this can help fund some of your own personal maintenance projects 😉

  • @brian.bates 
  • @Mbeukeu 
  • @Chris Kemmann 

And for those of you who attended our virtual pub, you know that we had additional Home Depot gift cards up for grabs for the winners of our inaugural Fiix pub trivia contest. Congratulations to our podium finishers for their quick fingers and awesome Fiix knowledge!

  1. @dreed 
  3. @Kislukhin 

Please join me in celebrating our winners 🎉


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