Fiixer Friday: Meet Andrés de Rojas, Manager - Enterprise Customer Success

  • 21 October 2022
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Fiixer Friday: Meet Andrés de Rojas, Manager - Enterprise Customer Success
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This week we're shining the spotlight on Andrés 🔦. A fun fact about him is that he loves to bake bread 🍞. “A few years ago I felt all my work and hobbies involved a computer, and that I needed to be able to be good at something more tangible,” he said. “Baking bread is a great way to take a break, and something in your back pocket to contribute something great to any potluck without too much work.”

Gluten aside, read on to get to know Andrés ⬇️.

What motivates you?
✨Having a challenge to solve. I tend to go down a rabbit hole whenever there is a question to answer, especially if it's something that people think can't be done but there’s still an optimistic "what if..." to explore.

Tell us something fun that you do in your spare time.
✨ I like fixing things. We recently bought a house and it feels like there is a never-ending list of small things to do, but if I can choose I prefer to work on fixing a bicycle .

What do you love about your role/the work that you do?
✨ Helping others get things done. There’s a great feeling of accomplishment that comes with resolving a challenge or finding an answer that I think gets amplified when you know you are making someone else's day with it.


What has been your proudest moment at Fiix?
✨ Seeing my first client go all the way from creating their account to launching Fiix across several sites. It's an incredible process and I loved how there was this camaraderie between the teams working together to build the best configuration possible, and the happiness on everyone’s face when it was finally live!

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