Fiixer Friday: Meet Elizabeth Voss, Content Manager & Storyteller ✒️

Fiixer Friday: Meet Elizabeth Voss, Content Manager & Storyteller ✒️
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This week, we're shining the spotlight on Elizabeth Voss, Content Marketing Manager extraordinaire. She’s a storyteller whose growing and evolving career is rooted in creativity. She could not go a day without her kitten Mu, would love to visit Puglia, Italy, and says potatoes in any form are her favorite food. 

Keep reading on to learn more about her! 

❓ What is something you are passionate about?

✨ I am passionate about people. I love getting to know how different people approach problems, how they come to a solution and just understanding their thought processes. 

❓ Tell us something fun that you do in your spare time 

✨ I make jewelry. The thing about making jewelry is that it doesn’t need to be perfect there is no right way to make a necklace or earnings. It helps me unlock a creative part of my brain that is free from rules or instructions, and the best part is I get to wear my creations afterward. 

❓ What was your “I need to work at Fiix” moment?

✨ I knew I needed to work at Fiix when I looked at the way they spoke to their audience. The website had so much information to offer. As I scrolled through each page I felt like I was getting to know the company far beyond the product. I was also really impressed with Fiix’s efforts in sustainability and EDI.

❓ What motivates you?

✨ Learning new things. Coming up with creative ways to tell a story, or address a problem. Being part of the bigger picture. 

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