Fiixer Friday: Meet Helen Ly, Technical Support Specialist & Hiker 🥾

  • 5 August 2022
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Fiixer Friday: Meet Helen Ly, Technical Support Specialist & Hiker 🥾
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This week, we're shining the spotlight on one of our Technical Support Specialists, Helen. One thing she's passionate about is promoting and advocating for rescue/foster dogs 🐶. Helen says, "There are many ways of finding your furry friend, and this is a great way to help save a life/give back!" She considers coffee a daily necessity ☕, potatoes are her favorite food 🥔 and she hopes to travel to Asia and Europe. 


Read on to get to know Helen.


What has been your highlight or proudest moment so far at Fiix?

✨ Being able to attend TKO [The Kick-Off, an employee event at Fiix]. It was an amazing experience, and I got to meet so many amazing people!


Tell us something fun you do in your spare time or any hobbies you have. What do you love about doing these things?

✨ I like to go on hikes and play volleyball; they are great ways to stay active and relieve stress. I also like doing home improvement projects because I am a hands-on kind of person. It's always satisfying to see the fruits of your labor.


What do you love about your role/the work that you do?

✨ I love the challenge each [Technical Support] ticket brings and the chance to work with my colleagues on identifying the issue and providing solutions. I love how easy it is to reach out to my colleagues whenever I need some clarification and how everyone is always so eager to assist! 👌


❓ What motivates you?

✨ The interactions I have. I speak to customers all the time, and it is rewarding to hear and see their eagerness to learn. I think it is a win on both sides, as I learn more about their industry and see their progress, and the customer has learned a new skill and has a better understanding of Fiix.

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