Fiixer Friday: Meet Joe McVay, Implementation Consultant

  • 20 November 2020
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Fiixer Friday: Meet Joe McVay, Implementation Consultant


This week, we’re shining the spotlight on Joe McVay, Implementation Consultant here at Fiix 🛠 He is an early bird that loves coffee, and has a sweet spot for smoked brisket, dogs, fall and football!

❓What was your "I need to work at Fiix" moment? 

✨During the interview process it was overwhelmingly clear that Fiix was very employee and community focused.  If a company is willing to invest that much in their employees then I knew I'd have all the motivation needed to go the extra mile for our customers 👏.  

❓What do you love most about your role/ the work that you do?

✨There are times during a training where you have some pushback initially from a technician and then you'll see them start to realize how much easier we could make their job with our software.  I have seen complete 180s on starting to use a CMMS in the span of a two hour training and that is pretty gratifying 🛠.

❓What motivates or drives you?

✨My family 💕.

❓Tell us something fun that you do in your spare time or any hobbies that you have. What do you love about doing these things?

✨I do quite a bit of cooking and especially Texas style barbecuing 🥩.  After I first tasted brisket in Central Texas I have been obsessed with it.  I've used electric smokers, pellet smokers, and wood smokers trying to replicate that first taste and haven't quite gotten it yet.  I like the patience it requires and sitting outside with a fire going is pretty relaxing 🔥.

❓What is something interesting that no one knows about you?

✨My first job working in the CMMS field was as a contractor in Washington D.C. assisting the agency that maintains all the buildings on Capitol Hill.  I had initially thought I might find an exciting job in a political capacity, but I found I thoroughly enjoyed working with the maintenance crews and ended up staying there for 3 years.  A walk with an HVAC mechanic was far more interesting than any of the official tours I came to find out.  They have more keys! 🔑  

❓What's your favourite thing to do on the weekends?.

✨During this time of year I like to watch football, college especially 🏈.

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Nice!! We love some Texas barbecue….especially here in TEXAS!!! :heart_eyes::grinning:  Nice getting to know ya, Joe! 

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