The Field Inspection: Customer success stories (part 1)

  • 18 March 2024
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The Field Inspection: Customer success stories (part 1)
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Back in October 2023, we held our 3rd annual user conference, Fiix Forward, in Nashville, Tennessee. The conference wasn’t just our chance to tell you about what we’ve been doing as a company, but it’s true purpose was to give you, our community, a chance to feel heard, seen, and understood.  

As part of that promise, we conducted interviews, where individuals like you shared their maintenance troubles, triumphs, and resilience that led to their success. Those stories have been captured and will be shared with our customers in hopes that others will be inspired. 

With that being said, we are excited to share our first two videos of the series: 


JJ McDonnell Co. Inc, a leader in seafood processing and distribution, was busy trying to keep operations afloat before Fiix. In that line of work, every minute of downtime spells disaster, products spoiling, deliveries delayed, and resources wasted.

Thankfully, @MgarnerJJ has been hard at work implementing the Fiix CMMS. In a short period of time, they turned production around, slashing reactive maintenance to an astonishing 17%. They continue to deliver on their promise to “provide seafood products, services, and support that will enable our customers to enhance their own businesses.”


Imaflex USA was busy navigating the changes that come with adopting a CMMS. For them, the concept of digital work orders was not a common practice and with varying levels of software expertise among the team, Imaflex faced what could have been a daunting implementation.  

Luckily, @Rob Mitchell was primed to take on this challenge. He stepped in finding ways to help those less familiar with the software a way to be just as productive as the rest of the team. This resulted in increased efficiency and productivity. Bonus: because of their parts tracking they’ve been able to save on parts through warranty programs! 


Have a maintenance success story like JJ McDonnell or Imaflex? Share your journey in the comments section below,👇🏻 your story could inspire your peers facing similar challenges! 

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