The Field Inspection: Customer success stories (part 2)

  • 15 April 2024
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The Field Inspection: Customer success stories (part 2)
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Building on our field inspection stories, where industry professionals just like you share their maintenance challenges, victories, and the perseverance that paved their path to success, we bring you part 2 of the interviews conducted at Fiix Forward!

We hope these stories can spark inspiration for all Fiixers, regardless of where you are in your journey.


Daikin Comfort
Joel is an excellent motivator, successfully leading his team through the process and organizational challenges that come with new software.  

Before implementing Fiix the team was challenged with incomplete data sets and manual parts tracking. This left them with huge gaps in reporting financial spending, making capital and maintenance planning hard.  

Luckily Joel and his team found solace in the Fiix CMMS. He stressed that Fiix helped the team get into the habit of tracking things in the CMMS. He mentions that knowing everything about the machine, like how much time is spent on repairs, how many parts are being consumed, and what the most common repair is, makes for better planning in the future. 

“That way, you don't have to keep fighting the same problems every day because we can take action on the data.”

You can read more about Daikin Comfort and Fiix in our case study


Apollo America
Got a prospect interested in starting their digital transformation journey, but their team isn’t? @TerryH talks about gaining the trust needed to get the not-so-tech-savvy stakeholders on board. He discusses the instant benefits he’s seen by getting set up in the CMMS and how that has helped to alleviate some of the issues they previously had with planning maintenance.  


PS. Did you know Terry isn’t only a maintenance maverick he’s also an excellent musician? Watch his brilliant Fiix Forward performance here

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