5 ways to empower your operators and optimize routine maintenance

  • 17 October 2022
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5 ways to empower your operators and optimize routine maintenance
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You want your maintenance team to feel supported in all the work they do. Providing resources and best practices helps them work more effectively, so you can achieve goals quicker, with less downtime. 

In this article, we’ll explore a few ways you can help support your team's routine maintenance program:


1. Provide other visual reference materials 📚

Having things like diagrams, photos and manuals will help guide operators during routine work. 


2. Film a video of technicians doing the work 📹

Documenting it as a video in addition to any written guides/notes ensures that work is done well without extra training or job shadowing. 


3. Create a maintenance type for operator work ⚙️

This can help you quickly spot work that operators might be struggling with and from there you can decide whether to transfer the work to technicians or invest in more training (or both). 


4. Make sure all measurements are specific 📏

Remember: what you think is obvious may not be obvious to your operators. Don’t make assumptions and instead make sure your specifications are all super descriptive. 


5. Plan for frequent touch bases 💬

Keep a pulse on how things are going by scheduling regular touch points with your operators. Afterwards, share them with your team to help built trust and confidence. 



We’re curious to learn what resources and best practices you’ve put in place to help your operators. Share them below 👇 

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