Full circle on the new Fiix mobile app in less than 8-hrs

  • 14 January 2021
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Full circle on the new Fiix mobile app in less than 8-hrs

In this clip, member @Tdufton explains how he and his team went from "hesitant" to "lovin' it!" and why they now think the new Fiix mobile app is a great change. Thanks for reminding us Tdufton that not liking change just means we’re human...so true :)



(loose) Transcript

Buy-in and change-culture -- when we’re doing something as big as going from pen & paper, legacy employees, and legacy maintenance, into full-on we’re going to be using phones, we’re going to be using tablets, we’re going to be on a desktop -- that takes years. I literally spoke to one of our maintenance team members today, and he’s like “eh, I’m using the new app, I’m getting used to it” he was kinda on the wall “I don’t know if I like it”, and I said “you may not like it because you’re human, you don’t like change”. I myself was hesitant at the beginning. That’s all I use now, exclusively. The production manager, myself. other team members, we just gotta get used to it. It’s much faster than the old app. The old app has benefits but the new one far exceeds it on a technician basis.

Humans by nature hate change. I am a creature of habit 100% through and through. I was, eh, that new app, I don’t know if I can do it. Going out to all these other plants and rolling out the new app and I was a little bah humbug. And then I started using it - this is so much faster than the previous app and the information that’s in the new app is amazing. Just going to the asset and looking up those past work orders, that is priceless. Yes, you could do it in the old app but it’s much quicker with the new app. Same with changing your stock order. There are so many great benefits.

Today we’re working on our pasteurizer so the maintenance technician says “hey, can you print me off the documents?” - it’s already on your phone. All you’ve got to do is pull it up, that pdf, along with the purchase order … with the new app, in 3-5 strokes you have all that information, and it’s in your hand, you don’t need to print anything off. So this was the same fella “I not sure about this..” and now he’s like “yeah, you know what, this is pretty handy”. Just went full circle in less than 8-hrs and now he loves it.

Lots and lots of great work with it. It’s a great change. It’s very welcome.


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