New Series: Becoming an Inclusive Leader

  • 22 March 2021
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New Series: Becoming an Inclusive Leader
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I recently participated in a Fiix leadership training session on diversity and inclusion. It was incredibly enlightening to learn how leadership is evolving and how to apply these new practices in my day-to-day team management.

The session was led by our very own @delpeachy , Fiix’s Director of Talent and Diversity. Dean is also a Professor of Diversity in the Workplace at George Brown College and has spent 10+ years focusing on talent management and creating equity frameworks for organizations. We’re incredibly fortunate to have him on our team to guide Fiix’s leaders in unlocking the potential for all our employees.

A single question popped into my mind after this experience — how can I share Dean’s knowledge across The Fiixers community? As it’s an important topic for all leaders to be aware of and I want to create access to these tools to inspire the change we can all benefit from, professionally and personally.

So, over the course of the next few weeks, @delpeachy will be posting a series of articles about inclusive leadership. Here’s a quick run-down of what each post will cover:


  1. What it means to be an inclusive leader and why it matters.

  2. Old leadership styles vs. inclusive leadership techniques what’s the difference, why things are changing, and how to get people on board.

  3. How to start becoming an inclusive leader what are the characteristics of an inclusive leader and how to develop and apply them to your workplace.

  4. How inclusive leadership can have a business impact new techniques to improve team productivity and unlock the potential of each team member.


To ensure you know how to put your new inclusive leadership skills to practical use, Dean will be hosting an interactive roundtable discussion exclusively for our Fiix members...stay tuned for dates and details to join our conversation!

4 replies

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@delpeachy first post is live and I encourage you to check it out and let us know your thoughts in his thread so we can address your questions and comments throughout the series to shape our upcoming roundtable discussion to make this content actionable and valuable to you professionally and personally.



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@delpeachy lays out the roadmap to becoming an inclusive leader in this week’s post PLUS registration for his roundtable is now live...sign up to join the conversation!



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This week @delpeachy coaches you on how to take the first step in making a commitment to inclusive leadership and how to translate that into action AND stick with it!

Really want to get your action plan in motion, join Dean’s roundtable :point_down:


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We can’t ignore the impact that the outside world can have on our teams performance, so in his final series post @delpeachy overviews some practices you can build into your day-to-day routine to establish and grow an inclusive culture in your department.

Even small steps lead to big gains:point_down: 



And I encourage you to carve out 1 hour on May 5th for our roundtable to accelerate your progress :point_down:




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