Psychological safety --> Physical safety

  • 19 October 2020
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Psychological safety --> Physical safety

A leadership development consultant who I follow on LinkedIn, Pam Ross, posted a short video on psychological safety recently that I found particularly interesting.

In this video, Pam backs up her claim that psychological safety (a climate where people feel safe enough to take interpersonal risks by speaking up, sharing concerns, questions or ideas) is the number one factor on high performing teams. This prompted me to make the connection that in a manufacturing or field services environment, physiological safety can also translate to physical safety. Do you agree?

Watch the video clip here >>>


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1 reply

Thanks for sharing, Christa! This idea of psychological safety to physical safety reminds me of the Toyota/GM partnership of the NUMMI plant, and how the culture of “kaizen”  (continuous improvement) was introduced to western manufacturing practices.

I always think about the andon cord that Toyota employees used to indicate there’s an issue with the line. Compare this to the GM rule to never stop the production line, no matter what, the psychological safety of being able to pull on the andon cord made the facility safer and more lean! 


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