Reliability team duties

  • 25 August 2021
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Reliability team duties
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Having a reliability team is seen as a strategic role. The make-up of this group really depends upon the organization. Possible roles at the table include:

  • HSE Manager: Safety training, accident investigations, LOTO, management of change
  • Asset Manager: Analytical reports, recurring problems, KPIs/metrics
  • Reliability Engineer: Engineering, issues with assets, RCAs
  • Planner/Scheduler: Backlog trending weekly schedule, PM-job plans, outage planning
  • CMMS Coordinator: Time in status, present reactive, work order feedback

Below is a list of possible duties for this group:

  • Review bad actor report and drill down on failure mode/cause.
  • Review condition monitoring data trends and exception readings. Talk with craftsman about new CBM work order and suggested deadline. Track cost avoidance savings as linked to CBT discoveries.
  • Evaluate negative asset condition trends.
  • Initiate Root Cause Analysis (RCA) when warranted, i.e., thresholds exceeded; assign lead; monitor status.
  • Perform risk-based criticality on all assets.
  • Participate in RCM Analysis reviews.
  • Review feedback from defect elimination teams to get a sense of outstanding issues.
  • Work with planners on engineering related work order feedback.
  • Review recent work orders flagged as functional failure events on critical assets.
  • Review emergency/urgent events from prior week as to cause.
  • Review management of change documents.
  • Review work that was performed outside of weekly schedule approved scope.
  • Discuss abnormal operational events with shift supervisors.
  • Discuss “at risk” assets as identified by the Operation/Production Manager
  • Review KPIs of significance with negative trends.
  • Evaluate any high-risk work in the backlog.

 What is the makeup of the reliability team at your organization? Is it seen as a strategic role? What duties are essential in your opinion, or are there any that you’d add to this list? Is it helpful to have this list of possible duties handy? Share your experience in the replies below ⤵️ 

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