Are you ready to dig deeper into the AI iceberg? (IndustryWeek)

  • 10 September 2020
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Are you ready to dig deeper into the AI iceberg? (IndustryWeek)

AI is trending within manufacturing for good reason -- its ability to dramatically improve results. However, according to this article, our preparedness needs to improve.

“Manufacturing is close to a breakthrough for using AI to solve a multitude of problems. More companies understand where the data resides and what they want to do with it. They just need the right technology tools to help them move past some hurdles and begin leveraging AI’s benefits...and the potential benefits are there. McKinsey reported in 2019 that asset productivity increased by 20 percent with AI predictive tools and maintenance costs also fell by up to 10 percent.” 


How prepared is your organization to dive into AI? Are you one of the early adopters? Or will you be one of the first groups to follow the market leaders and turn the tide?

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