Automation Fair 2023 Recap

  • 15 November 2023
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Automation Fair 2023 Recap
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Last Monday marked the start of Automation Fair 2023. We were joined by an incredible mix of attendees, including distributors, partners, customers, and thought leaders, to explore the newest innovations in maintenance and manufacturing. Here are some highlights:

Keynote speakers: The event was packed with keynote sessions from some very impressive thought leaders. Their insights left us inspired and equipped with fresh ideas to drive progress.


Offsite tours: Attendees had the opportunity to experience innovation firsthand with offsite tours to various facilities. Each offsite tour was a chance to see the future of maintenance and manufacturing in action.


Fiix CMMS: Our team showcased the power of our CMMS, demonstrating how teams can optimize maintenance operations, enhance efficiency, and drive production to new heights.


Asset Risk Predictor: We proudly showcased our newly launched software, Asset Risk Predictor, in action! This tool offers predictive insights to keep your operations running smoothly, and we demonstrated its capabilities with a golf ball sorting challenge right there on the event floor.


Innovation spotlight: On day three, our very own Sandy D’Souza and Luda Domakhina took the stage at ROK Studios to discuss the future of maintenance technology. Their conversation was filled with thought-provoking ideas and a glimpse into the innovative path ahead.


Moving forward, we’ll continue pushing the boundaries of innovation, enhancing maintenance processes, and delivering technology solutions that redefine our industry. Looking forward to Automation Fair 2024!

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