PLANT SERVICES The impact of COVID-19: What's changed for maintenance and what's stayed the same

  • 27 April 2021
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At the start of the year, the Plant Services editors decided to take one final look back at the pandemic year, and take a snapshot of the new normal that is emerging from this moment of crisis.


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Here is my quick take on their tale of two surveys - one from June 2020 vs one from March 2021.

  1. Operational changes: From almost 50% running at reduced capacity and reduced personnel to nearly 3 in 5 respondents saying they are back to their pre-COVID maintenance and headcount levels.
  2. Changes in maintenance modes: 32% of respondents stated that the COVID-19 pandemic changed their normal maintenance mode, trending slightly away form preventive, with a slight rise reported for both reactive and more proactive modes.
  3. Plant agility: The questions in this section were designed to evaluate the level of flexibility among plant teams during the pandemic and a very high level of resilience among plant workers was uncovered.
  4. Pressing needs: The most revealing change of the pandemic is a trend toward building stronger partnerships with service providers.


What do you think is the most compelling take away from this article? Do you agree with the findings?


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