🎧 Top Maintenance Podcasts of 2020

  • 8 December 2020
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🎧 Top Maintenance Podcasts of 2020

You’ll start to see many Best-of-2020 lists this time of year -- but where else can you find a the top maintenance podcasts of 2020? We’ve got you covered 👍 

There was a lot to talk about in 2020 

A global pandemic. A shifting, often shaky economy. Elections and uprisings. New technology, new ideas, and new ways of working.

And, there was no shortage of podcasts discussing these fresh challenges as well as revisiting old debates.

The appeal of podcasts is obvious  

You can listen and learn from pretty much anywhere, and often multi-task, whether that’s on your commute, while cooking, or exercising. That makes podcasts the perfect way to listen to stories of people in the industry and learn strategies for improving, both on the shop floor and away from it.

Nine of the very best maintenance podcast episodes of 2020 

My colleague, @marccousineau, has put together a must-listen playlist in this blog.

Here’s a teaser of my personal top ③ from the list, in an effort to entice you to go check out the rest of our recommendations!


#3 – Women’s Representing Importance in Maintenance, WIRAM Webinar Series

Camila Mutafi and Carla Santalucia lead this talk on why gender equality and representation in the maintenance industry need to be improved and how industry leaders can do that.

“It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, or what your race is, or your sexuality, you have to open up your space to engagement and to talking to each other with respect, and understand each other’s point of views.” – Carla Santalucia, Maintenance & Facilities Lead, Bayer


#5 – Assumptions and Maintenance, Speaking of Reliability podcast

James Kovacevic and Frank Schenkelberg look at some long-standing assumptions about the cause of failure and how dangerous these assumptions can be for maintenance teams.

“What I want people to do is think about how [failure curves] apply to us and our organization, and what do we do about these things. If we know…that infant mortality is a large issue, how do we deal with that? Maybe we don’t have good rebuilt procedures or we don’t have standards or installation requirements for pumps…If we put those things in place, we might not have so much corrective work down the line.” – James Kovacevic, Host of Rooted in Reliability and Co-host of Speaking of Reliability


#9 – Front Line Engagement with Dylan Day, Over The Line podcast

Host Steven Dobie sits down with guest Dylan Day to talk about attracting, engaging, and retaining maintenance and reliability staff.

“Get to know your people. Get to know their strengths and get to know their weaknesses…Then you can stop looking at people as robots in a process and start to look at them as people.” – Dylan Day, Millwright, Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction, Forestry, Renewables


Comment on your favourites from our list or tell us what should be #10

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