Good, fast, cheap - You get all 3 with OT integrations

  • 7 February 2022
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Good, fast, cheap - You get all 3 with OT integrations
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The saying goes “good, fast, cheap, pick two” but when it comes to linking your operational tech to your CMMS, you don’t have to choose. Fiix’s open API has enabled customers to save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. And realizing these efficiencies is easier, faster, and cheaper than you think.  

Watch Fiix experts Alex and James as they demystify operational technology (OT) integrations by:

  • Busting misconceptions around the cost, complexity, and effort required to get your equipment talking to your CMMS

  • Showcasing the benefits, including how OT integration is the pathway to condition-based and predictive maintenance

  • Providing real world examples of how quickly Fiix users have realized ROI

  • When and how you can get started


1 reply

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The recording is now available to watch, make sure to capture any of your questions in this thread.

If you haven’t already check out our recent case study with one of our community members :point_down:



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