How AI is empowering sustainable water management for a cleaner world

  • 1 May 2024
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How AI is empowering sustainable water management for a cleaner world
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We’ve got a double-header in sustainability success stories for you today!

One of the most important pillars of sustainability is responsible water management and sanitation. Not only can poor water management be wasteful, it can also wreak environmental destruction and spread water-borne illnesses. So how are companies tackling this important pillar of sustainability?

There’s been a lot of talk lately about AI to address challenges like labour shortages and quality control, but did you know that this emerging technology is already making a positive impact on sustainability? Our two sustainability success stories today demonstrate just that.


Serving nearly one million people, the Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) is California’s sixth largest retail water agency. Challenging themselves to hit sustainability goals like reduced energy usage and reduced chemical use, EMWD deployed an AI-controlled system to monitor their operations and automatically adjust PID responses as conditions change. The result? Cleaner effluent, fewer environmental incidents, and an impressive energy savings worth more than $100,000 per year.

Read EMWD’s full story


Severn Trent is one of the UK’s largest water companies. Faced with the complexity of safely managing enormous waste catchments, they turned to AI to help them predict weather conditions, identify potential maintenance needs, and direct flows throughout their system. According Severn Trent’s Rich Walwyn, this new technology means “customers and environment are more protected, and we can better control the flow of the extra rainfall to the treatment works.”

Read Severn Trent’s full story



Fiix’s fight for a cleaner world


Perhaps you’re wondering--what are we here at Fiix doing to promote sustainability and responsible water management? As part of Rockwell Automation, Fiix joined the United Nation’s Global Compact in 2023. This compact commits members to a set of 12 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which includes Clean Water & Sanitation as #6. Although we’re a software company and already have a fairly small footprint, every bit counts, and we’re proud to be a part of the fight for a cleaner world. Even more impactful is the way we’re supporting our customers in the pursuit of their own sustainability goals: Rockwell’s automation systems, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) assist companies in transforming water-intensive processes, aligning with water usage and quality targets, enhancing water reliability and security, and achieving  water-related energy savings. We also support our customers by identifying opportunities to optimize water usage and recapture, as well as reduce energy consumption and emissions associated with water processes.

Moreover, our WAVE partnership, formed this year with The Water Council, aims to further advance water management solutions and contribute to the sustainable achievement of this SDG on a global scale. Together, we strive to make a positive impact on water conservation, quality, and accessibility, and promote a more sustainable future for all.


And that’s it for today! We’ll be back soon with more tales of sustainability success to inform and inspire your team. In the meantime, find more sustainability success stories in Rockwell Automation’s 2023 Sustainability Report.


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@Huskrcrt They don’t mention Legionella prevention specifically, but I hope you find these water management case studies interesting regardless 🤓


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