Vote on the future of our sustainability user group 🌿

  • 23 January 2024
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Vote on the future of our sustainability user group 🌿
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Hey Fiixers,  

When we launched this user group three years ago, it was to go deep in exploring the connections between maintenance and sustainability.  

Maintenance and sustainability are both often misunderstood in the same way: They’re treated like pure cost centers. Money pits. But the truth is, they’re both important parts of a business, and they can both add to your top and bottom lines when done right. 

As we embark upon 2024, we want to revive the conversation around maintenance and sustainability. That’s why today we’re relaunching this user group! Our aim is to make this group your dedicated space to learn and share resources relating to sustainability, no matter where you are in your maintenance journey. 

But before we get started, we need to hear from you! Your input is important, and we'd like to tailor our discussions to meet your interests. Click on the poll option below and let us know what topic you would find most intriguing and beneficial to your growth.  


Cast your vote now 🗳️ 

Let's continue our journey toward a more sustainable future together.


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