• 20 March 2024
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Hello all. Greg here at Bellingham Int’l Airport in Bellingham, WA. New to Fiix in 2024. We are a crew of two technicians responsible for maintenance of the airport facilities (no, we don’t work on airplanes!). Hoping to grow in our knowledge and implementation of the Fiix software.

1 reply

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Hello Greg,

We have been using Fiix for about 4 years now in manufacturing setting.  We find with our older building that has alot of walls, wifi strength is not an issue since it works offline as well when it's online.

Great list of features for the price point.  I notice they have been doing some recent software revisions noticeable on the PC version that I found a little harder to navigate than before, but I think it's in the user setup so I'm not in that window alot anymore.

Anyway, I think you'll find it's a decent product.

Scott Polisak


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