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  • 25 September 2020
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The Fiixers has been structured with Categories →  Subcategory Forums → Posts to make it easy to navigate around the community and find what you’re looking for. 


Subcategory forums are where you add your answers, questions, comments or create a post if you want to start a new topic. Click here to learn how to create a new post.


💡 The Fiixers Community Tip - subscribe to any forums at the right hand side of the page to receive automatic updates when new posts have been added.



To navigate back to The Fiixers homepage simply use the breadcrumb links in the top left corner. 







Here are the forum breakdowns*:


News & Updates

  • Welcome & getting started - Say hello and check out how to get started interacting with your community

  • Fiix news - Stay on top of what's happening at Fiix

  • Maintenance news - Discuss what's going on in your industry, share info on emerging trends, conferences, and other stuff you find interesting

Ask, Share & Solution

Get Ideas & Get Inspired

  • Growing as a leader & people manager - Discuss the daily challenges facing leaders in maintenance and reliability such as change management, career development and team engagement

  • Supercharge your maintenance strategy - Learn and discuss ways to evolve your maintenance strategy including predictive, prescriptive, AI, IIoT, integrations and more

  • POP-UP workshops & events - Register for POP-UP experiences to build your CMMS skills, evolve your maintenance strategy and develop as a leader


Events & Workshops

  • ​​​​On-demand webinars  - Explore our collection of webinars about the latest and greatest in CMMS capabilities and maintenance strategy with our Fiix expert
  • Live events & workshops - Participate in live workshops with fellow Fiixers to enhance your skills through discussions, roundtables and training sessions


Product Development

  • Product research and design - Participate in research to influence the development of new product offerings and functionality

  • Wish list ideas - share, collaborate and vote on dream CMMS features that would solve real problems you encounter every day

Also, visit our Product Updates module in the main navigation bar to stay up to date on our quarterly roadmap and latest feature releases.

*Many forums are open to our general members, but select forums are exclusive access only for our paid Fiix users.


💡 The Fiixers Community Tip - posting your content in the right forum increases your chances of getting an answer quickly and it keeps our community organized.

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