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  • 11 July 2023
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I have been using Fiix CMMS for a few years now between two locations I manage but new to this Fiixers community forum.  

I really am enjoying the way Fiix has helped our team be more self serving everyday.  Everyone sees what needs to be done and no more hand written schedules every week.

Solid platform and I like the fact they implement our suggestions from the community.  In the 3 years, i have noticed 6-10 implementations that we helped suggest from our own desires.

1 reply

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Hi Scott,

Welcome to The Fiixers community! Thank you for your kind words, happy to hear that Fiix has helped your team improve their efficiency. Your feedback is very valuable to us, so keep up the good work!

I see you’re already utilizing the community by jumping in and engaging with our Q&A forum, which is awesome. Feel free to introduce yourself and connect with the other members here in this thread and let me know if you have any questions 😊


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