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Say hello and let the community know you’re here!

  • 28 September 2020
  • 32 replies

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I’m Justine and I head up The Fiixers. Am so pumped to have this space with all of you, as I’ve learned from my various conversations how many shared experiences there are across our matter what industry you’re in.

So I encourage you to introduce yourself on this post and check out who else is part of The Fiixers as we build this member thread. Then start reaching out and connecting with this amazing brain trust of knowledge that makes up our growing community. 

Feel free to also share your hobbies, am sure we all have more in common than just work 😀

When I’m not busy with The Fiixers I’m getting out on my bike and soaking up the fall colors. 

32 replies

Hi there! I’m Christa 👋

When I’m not searching for compelling stories, helpful tips & tricks, or thought-starter articles to share with The Fiixers community, I’m chasing a little white ball in pursuit of the ever-elusive personal best score.

Rattlesnake Point GC, Ontario Canada


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You guys look like you are having too much fun! I am excited to see the Fiix Community up and running and providing all this information to the Fiixers around the globe! Good work:thumbsup_tone3: ! During my spare time i enjoy playing sports and tinkering with my 3D Printer! :grin:



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Hello All,


I’m looking forward to sharing this experience with everyone and hopefully getting to learn from others’ experiences. I work at the City in Dawson Creek, BC and during my spare time I enjoy spending the days outdoors with my family getting out hiking in the mountains, fishing, or just soaking up some sun. This year during COVID, among other things, I managed to brew my first 5 gal batch of beer, started a garden in the backyard and continued on with my supplementary diploma in Public Administration in Local Government Management that I am hoping to have completed by the end of next year. I’m a municipal employee working in the Public Sector which has very unique challenges when compared to the Private world.

I am looking to learn how other’s implement their systems in completely different sectors and industries as I find it fascinating to discover that common thread that would help me be more progressive in my own applications.

I don’t have many photos these days without my toddler in them so here is a shot of the beautiful part of the country I am fortunate to live in, this is Azouzetta Lake in the Pine Pass in Northeast BC. The photo was taken on my cell phone.


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So many cool things to read its hard to decide where to start. So I will start at the beginning  and simply say Hello Everyone :sunglasses:

I haven't got any pictures that are half as cool as the ones shared, considering its currently grey and wet in the UK so thanks fro brightening my day:relaxed:



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Hello everyone!! I am so excited to be a part of this!! I work and live in the small town of Orange, Texas for a company that manufactures extrusion dies.  When I am not at work, I am usually trying to avoid hurricanes and spending time with my adult children and the BEST DOG EVER!! (see pic below) I recently bought a home and am going to be starting the first of many projects to make it mine. :heart_eyes:  

I am really hoping to learn more about Fiix and finding solutions to questions I have about the system.  I am hoping to work with everyone to learn how they handle different processes in their company that might be helpful to my team.  Hopefully we can all work with Fiix to make this software beyond amazing and more efficient for everyone.  

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! I look forward to spending more time getting to know everyone!!! 

Bella :)


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Hello Community!

I am the friendly face behind your training webinars and the Tools of the Trade series.

When I am not waving my hands around or making silly software puns, you can find me restoring, seasoning, and time dating cast iron. I am an expert on Canadian foundries and have the bays of my garage dedicated to electrolysis tanks and rust removal baths. Looking forward to chatting with you more.

The endless, repetitive job of scrubbing cast iron.


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HEEeeeeeeeellllooooo everyone!


Chris Stevens here,  loving the new FIIX community. I ran FIIX at a solar O&M company for 2 years and now am setting it up for another solar O&M company! Loving it so far. 


Interests of mine are distributed small wind, micro-hydro systems, kayaking and my doggo Souda. (He’s legendary) We keep life simple living in an RV, originally from Michigan.


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Hi everyone, My name is Robby. I manage the training program at a Solar Operations & Maintenance company (the one where cstevens used to work! Hi Chris!). I live in Central North Carolina with my wife and 2 young daughters. I also have a dog named Gus (GoogerBoog for short). I like bikes and ebikes, skateboarding and esk8, EV tech, batteries and power electronics. I also like beer. Some of my previous careers:

-Owned a bulk roasted coffee delivery service company as a teenager

-Professional brewer at Real Ale Brewing Co. in Blanco TX (4yrs)

-Founder/owner of Austin Biofuels LLC. a small scale biodiesel production and distribution company. Also performed consulting services for petroleum distributors in renewable integration. (5yrs)

-5 seasons commercial set-net salmon fisherman on Kodiak Island AK (5yrs)

-Owner and operator of Meyerhoff Auto Haus LLC an automotive repair shop specializing in VW TDI cars.  (10yrs)

I am excited to learn about ways to improve our utilization of Fiix and to maybe help others where I can. 


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Hi everybody, 

Just your friendly neighborhood support representative, here to help you with your questions with Fiix software.  When not gaming or watching movies (especially terrible ones, with friends, laughing), I’m generally in the gym or conjuring up next year’s halloween costume because halloween can never be TOO elaborate!



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Hi all,


TJ here.  I’ve been in maintenance for 20 years, and “love” every minute of it.  HAHA.  Just kidding.  :)

In my spare time I build 3D Printers, play video games, Woodworking, and generally anything that takes the use of my hands and head.  


Here is the best day of my life.  



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Bonjour everyone,


My name is Mostafa I am from France Happy to be there with you on this great community.
I have discovered fiix, it's really the excellent tool. I use it with my actual job since one year in Ocado.

My Field is the PLC, SCADA, controls, AI and programming.

I like Fiix but I need to discover more and learn more about it.


I love travelling around the world I try to visit two or tree country per year.

I play strategic game online.( Diablo III, Warcraft, Hearthstone, Age of empires,...)


My best friend Skipper:wink:


Really happy to be there

Thanks in advance for your help and support


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Hello :) My name is Ryan, and I work for a wholesale tree nursery in Boring, OR.  I manage our equipment repair and fabrication/welding division of the company, as well as all of our facility and building maintenance as well as project management.  Needless to say, I stay very busy and Fiix has become one of the biggest helps to me.  Thanks to this system and all of us coming together to make it the best it can be, thank you Fiixers and everything we can offer to each other to succeed.

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Hi everyone!


My name is Adrian and I am a Success Manager/Fiix Expert (self-proclaimed) at ZenduIT.    I work a lot with our partners and end customers to implement Fiix within their organizations through a Geotab connected perspective.


When I am not working with ZenduIT I am a freelance software developer and avid reader.  Learning at least one new thing every day is the key to expanding your horizons!


Unfortunately I don’t have an interesting picture to share.

Fiixers, please join me in welcoming a new contributor to our community, John Reeve (@john reeve). 


You may already be familiar with John from his presence on LinkedIn (or you may be one of his 20,000 followers) but if not, here’s a little bit about him.

John is a Certified Reliability Leader and Certified Maintenance Manager with three decades of international consulting experience (Australia, China, South Korea, Philippines, Serbia, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand). He is a CMMS champion, book author, and frequent guest speaker at asset management conferences. John has a US Patent in maintenance scheduling and served on the USN MM1 SSBN Will Rogers.


We’re excited to have John join our community to share some of his expertise as thought starters. So, keep an eye out for his posts and please jump in to add your thoughts and experiences to the conversation when you do! 

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My name is Angelina! I have been a Fiix user for three years now. I am the data administrator supervisor for, JAS (JSM Airport Services).We specialize in performing maintenance on the baggage handling system at a select number of airports, some in which you have probably passed through. :wink: I help administer three of our five sites using Fiix but I am stationed here at Denver International Airport in Colorado. We manage all corrective and preventive maintenance, our parts and inventory needs, and all of our contractual reporting requirements within Fiix. We run a 24 hour, 7 days a week operation, so you can imagine the amount of data we enter into Fiix in one day. 

When I have time to spare, I like to jump on here and get caught up on all the new features/events, answers to similar questions, and to meet new people. I am excited to continue to be a part of Fiix and learn new things to implement into our system so we can better manage our sites and future sites to come. :blush:


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Hello Angelina. That sounds like a fascinating job.

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Hello Angelina. That sounds like a fascinating job.

Thank you John!

It is, it keeps me in a challenging environment which allows me to learn new things all the time and I love it!

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My name is Tiffany, and I am implementing Fiix CMMS at our manufacturing plants in Columbus, Ohio (and potentially to other facilities within our company). I have already learned so much about Fiix and am looking forward to learning much more as we go through this process, with the overall goal of increasing our uptime and efficiency and getting PM Schedules back on track.

Since I am so new to the Fiix community, and currently trying to develop a training plan for our Maintenance Team on how to use the system, I welcome any recommendations to help us get started off on the right path forward!

Here is my happy little family, doing one of our favorite things - cooking together :)


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Hello! I’m Amanda :wave:

Nice to e-meet everyone! When I’m not speaking to customers, diving into my own CMMS or playing with new features before sharing with The Fiixers Community, you’ll find me on an adventure!

Adventures include: hitting a hiking new trail, jumping on my paddleboard or exploring a new place.

Exploring Reynisfjara - Iceland during winter (GOT Season 8 was being filmed while there)


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Hey everyone I'm Chris Lee and I joined Fiix last year as an Implementation Consultant.

Based in the UK, I have been both a user of CMMS software in the forklift industry and a consultant for over 3 decades. I have worked for 2 other software houses and implemented many different CMMS & CAFM packages in the UK and Middle East.

Before joining Fiix I ran my own software and training consultancy for 13 years helping people build both Facilities and Asset Maintenance Systems.

When I am not working I am usually out walking this fella, in the workshop woodworking or watching the local rugby team. Looking forward to contributing to the community.


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Hello everyone! I’m Emma :wave: the most recent addition to our community team here at Fiix.

While I am still learning the ins and outs of everything Fiix I wanted to introduce myself. Before joining this great team I worked in ed-tech start up building up a community of amazing teachers. When I am not working, I love to hang out with the family/friends and going to my local F45. Also showering my rescue cat Bandit with lots of love. :smile_cat:

So excited to be apart of this community and I can’t wait to learn from all of you!


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Hello. My name is Shari Clark.  I am excited to be a part of the Fiix Community.  I am new to CMMS in general and we are starting Fiix implementation now.  I live in the Kansas City area on the Kansas side.  I work in the clinical research industry in a Phase I unit.  Each summer we have two weeks of beautiful sunflowers blooming in sunflower fields going on for acres and acres.  Happy to join you!


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 Hi all 👋! My name is Melissa, and I’m the newest member of The Fiixers community team 🌟. I look forward to getting to know you all as we keep building and growing this wonderful community. 

I’ve been in community management and marketing for several years, but exclusively in marketing technology. All to say, this is a new adventure for me!

Speaking of adventures, when I’m not working, you’ll either find me out exploring a new place 🛫, in nature with my pup Mia 🐶 (pictured below), or loudly cheering on the Toronto Raptors 🏀🇨🇦. 



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Hello everyone! my name is Leyzer, pronounced like “laser”. I am a Plant Operations Analyst based in California’s Bay Area. I am passionate about data science and all things analytics. In my spare time you can find me at hiking in the outdoors, or looking for new places to eat. I am excited to be part of this community. 😀

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Hello, everyone! 👋

My name is Eric and I’m the newest member of the Fiix team. You’ll be seeing me around here every so often as I strive to put out some useful content to help empower you and your maintenance team! I’m looking forward to learning and growing together. 🤓

When I’m not at work, I love to explore nature through hiking, camping and fishing. Here’s a photo from a trip I took three weeks ago to the La Cloche “mountains.” Tough hike, but the view was worth it! 🌲



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