Three real-world problems you can solve with Fiix Foresight

  • 17 February 2023
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Three real-world problems you can solve with Fiix Foresight
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Let’s take a look at three ways you can use Fiix Foresight tools to solve real-world problems.

First, a quick reminder about Fiix Foresight. Fiix Foresight is the AI brains behind your CMMS. It powers three tools at your disposal: work order insights, parts forecaster, and asset insights. Let’s explore each tool and the common problems they solve for your maintenance team. 



Work order insights


Here’s a common scenario: It’s the busy holiday season and a lot of technicians are taking time off. Perhaps some are also missing work due to an illness going around. This means that open work orders are left hanging, and it can be difficult to identify each one that requires reassignment (especially at hectic times like the year end). It’s likely that at least some work orders will slip through the cracks, delaying maintenance and possibly even resulting in equipment failure.


The solution: With work order insights, work orders at risk of delay are automatically flagged so you can act quickly to reassign them and keep business running smoothly.


Learn more about the types of risk you can predict with work order insights →






Parts forecaster


It’s not always easy to predict how many spare parts you’ll need for the next few months.  Overstocking means overspending while not buying enough is risky. For example, you might keep spare fan blades on hand for a large cooling system. The high-strength alloy blades are expensive and take up a lot of space in the storeroom so it’s tempting to keep inventory low.  On the other hand, getting caught without that part could mean costly downtime.


The solution: With parts forecaster, you can take the guesswork out of the equation. Fiix Foresight will analyze historical purchasing and maintenance patterns to recommend the optimal number of parts to keep on hand for your upcoming scheduled maintenance.





Asset insights


In a big manufacturing operation such as a food and beverage plant, conveyor belts alone demand a lot of maintenance attention. Of course, if you only have one conveyor, it’s relatively easy to spot when it’s failing. But what if you have dozens, or even hundreds, of assets under management? Spotting the trends isn’t so easy. Meanwhile, like an old car, these hidden failing assets become money pits, demanding more reactive maintenance, more wrench time, and more spare parts.


The solution: With asset insights, Fiix establishes baseline levels of key metrics such as reactive maintenance hours and parts spending for each monitored asset. It then alerts you as soon as abnormal levels are detected, so you can catch problems early.





Now that you have some idea of Fiix Foresight’s capabilities, it’s time to start learning how to use it in Fiix. We’ve created a series of videos to introduce you to each tool:


Work order insights

Parts forecaster

Asset insights


Getting to know these tools is an investment in your maintenance operation. And like any good tool, they’ll save you time and effort once you know how to apply them correctly.


NOTE: Fiix Foresight is available to Professional and Enterprise tier customers. If you’re interested in upgrading your plan to take advantage of features like Fiix Foresight, reach out to your customer success representative or contact to set up a call.


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